Say bye to 2014 and wrinkles!


Happy New Year friends! I hope you all had a great NYE and I wish you all a happy and successful 2015.

The official launch of new REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ is only one week away. Get ready to express yourself fully and mark your calendars to fill those expression lines.

At launch, ACUTE CARE will only be available for purchase with a Regimen or Bundle to help maximize ACUTE CARE skincare results. Using ACUTE CARE with the REDEFINE Regimen is clinically proven to provide long-lasting noticeable results.

I’ve tried this out myself and the results from using it overnight for about 5 hours was pretty amazing. I can’t wait to get myself a set and see my own personal results.


Have any questions or want to put in your order to make sure you get these (last time they sold out in 48 hours!) email me at or go to

Again, happy new year!
Hannah Lebron

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