Skin Care Tip: Astringent vs. Toner

Hey guys!
Do you know what the difference between astringents and toners? I get asked this question quite often & the answer is very simple.


Astringent cleanses the skin & balances oily skins pH level back to normal.

Toner cleanses the skin & balances normal to dry skin back to its normal pH level.

What’s the importance of a normal pH level?
Your skin creates a protective barrier called acid mantle. It protects your skin from things that could irritate or disrupt the health of your skin. Some cleansers & soaps can strip the layer of acid mantle which changes the pH level and leaves your skin vulnerable to injury by environmental factors.

I hope you learned a few things today. If you have any questions on what type of toner or astringent to purchase feel free to schedule an appointment at the salon for a free consultation.

Have a great day!

Hannah Lebron

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