October Boxycharm Review

Hello friends!

Boxy Charm is another beauty subscription service similar to Ipsy and Birchbox. It is $21 a month and they deliver 4-5 full and deluxe-size beauty products to your door.

This was the box sent out in October:


I looked up prices of these products and the prices verses the price of the box is worth it if you will actually use majority of the items.

Boxycharm polish: The first thing I noticed was the packaging… It looks like barbie nail polish. The formula was thick and took a long time to dry. The worst thing about the polish was the stiff bristle. They were so stiff that I couldn’t get a smooth application… the bristles kept stratching the polish off.

Palmetto Derma Serum: The serum smells a little weird, not too bad though since it goes away after it dries. I will do a full review once I’ve used the products for a significant amount of time.

Be a Bombshell eyeshadow: Its a decent eyeshadow, its pretty pigmented. I got a pink color and I’m not a huge fan of pink.

Starlooks eyeliner pencil: I got the color “Olive”. Its a shimmery green color and is very pretty. Its very smooth and goes on nicely. It will work great as a base or just as simple eyeliner.

BH Cosmetics Eclipse palette: The concealer is pretty thick. I will be bringing this to the salon to use as concealer for when I do brow waxes. Its heavy coverage and will work great for covering up blemishes. If you use it to cover up under eye circles i’d recommend thinning it out with some eye cream first.

Over all this box was alright.I will use maybe 2 or 3 of the products. I will try out one more box.

Thanks for reading!


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