The BEST brow brush… EVER!

I’ve always had eyebrow issues. I decided to Nair my brows in the 8th grade which led to my now patchy, thin brows. I tattooed them when I was 18 and realized after I finished Esthetics school that they are uneven and not shaped correctly (to my particular face shape) so now I fill them in every day.
I use two different Anastasia Beverly Hills angled brushes depending on what product I’m applying to my clients brows. These brushes are made beautifully. The bristles are packed together nicely, they don’t fray, and they last for a loooong time. I use the #7 for applying brow cream/gel products. It creates a cleaner more defined look. I use the #12 for brow powders. It creates a more natural effect. I never realized how much of a difference a brow brush could make. I love these brushes with every little bone in my body.
(Photos from

I’ve had my #7 for about 2 years and the words are gone because I use this baby so much. Haha

Here are photos of mine and some of my brow makeover clients.





Happy Friday!


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