Nail polish heaven!

Hi there!


It is so much fun, and convenient, to have a nail blogger as a friend. She always has the new colors and if I need a color and she doesn’t have the exact one, she’ll for sure have a color thats matches it to the T. The other day I went to Lacey’s, from, house and raided her nail room. Holy nail polish heaven! I swear she had enough nail polish to open up multiple nail salons lol. She had so many colors from so many brands. I’ve never even heard of half of the brands she had. A lot of her polishes were Zoya… it seems like that’s her favorite brand. haha. 


I found this specific color, swatched it, and almost died! 


This is Madeline from Zoya, isn’t she gorgeous? This is from their new fall collection I believe. Gosh, she’s a beauty haha. 

I used Lacey’s light box to get this picture too. I need to get a light box to stick my head in for selfies. haha


Hope you guys are enjoying your week!




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