I never wear makeup.

“I never wear makeup.”
As a makeup artist, I hear this statement a lot. It used to horrify me when I had a client for a photoshoot and they didn’t wear makeup. It scared me because naturally the camera cuts out 40% of the makeup you’re wearing, so when applying makeup for photoshoots it needs to be a little more “caked up”. Now when a client tells me this, I get excited! When they look in the mirror and sees how beautiful they look… It gets me giddy! Haha. I learned how to speak to the clients to make them feel comfortable wearing a little more makeup than usual. I learned what to say to them, and most importantly how to apply their makeup in a more natural way but that still will look great on camera. I want to enhance their features vs. covering them up and carving out a whole new face.

Here are a few before-and-after’s of clients. They are of course naturally gorgeous but with a little bit of makeup they look even more amazing.





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