Waterproof that lipstick!





Hey there beauties! 

My clients are always asking for long-lasting, waterproof makeup. There’s a ton of products out there that will seal your foundation, eyeshadow, liner, lipstick, etc. I want to provide my clients with lipstick that will last all day, through eating, kissing, everything! I think I found it! Let me introduce you to LipStix Lipstick Sealer. I found it at Nigel Beauty Emporium and I don’t think i spent over $5 for it. 

You apply your lipstick or lip liner, dab off the excess, and apply a light coat of LipStix… and wala! Waterproof lipstick!

Yesterday I applied it to my hand around 1pm and it lasted ALL day, through rubbing, washing dishes, washing my hands, working out, and cleaning. I took a shower before bed and regular soap didn’t even take the lipstick off. I woke up and had to remove the lipstick with makeup remover. Its awesome!



If you are a Makeup Artist or just want long lasting lippies, I definitely recommend this bad boy! It’s inexpensive and it works! 



3 responses to “Waterproof that lipstick!

  1. Hi Hannah, I think I should try that , maybe if use it I’ll be able to have some lipstick on most of the day. When I put lipstick on and it comes off that’s it no more applying lipstick again😜

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