What’s in my bag?

Earlier today I saw this post on Lush 4 Blush and thought it was such a cute idea! So, of course I had to do a post myself. Enjoy! 🙂

What’s in my bag?


I love being hands-free so I bought this cute recycled leather purse from Ashley Ann Bennett Fashion. She is a San Diego based artist/designer and makes the prettiest painted leggings, jewelry, and accessories. I met her when I did makeup for a fashion show she was featured in. For items that are a necessity, like a wallet, I like to keep simple. I like to switch out my purse once in a while so I want my wallet to match. I bought this Michael Kors wallet at the Navy Exchange in Guam. It was a deployment gift to myself haha. I have to have a lanyard on my keys because I’m always misplacing my keys and rummaging through my purse to find them. My lanyard is nothing special. I’m pretty sure I found it at Home Depot for a couple dollars. I have a pair of $13 shades from Target. I like gold accessories. Then there’s my makeup bag…

I got this gold makeup bag from Ipsy a few months back. It’s the perfect size and like I said above, I like gold accessories haha.
In my makeup bag I usually keep a lip gloss, stain or balm. Usually I’ll just throw in whatever lip product I decide to use for the day. I keep a tampon. You never know when you, or a friend, will need one of these. I like to be prepared. I keep my Pacifica blood orange perfume roll on and lotion. I absolutely love this scent. You can find these travel size products in a kit at Target for around $16. I keep hand sanitizer. Got to kill all those germies! 😉 I found Birthday Cake gum at Von’s for $1.49. It is delicious and perfect for when I have a craving for sweets but don’t want to kill my diet. Last, but not least, I carry my business cards in this super cute mermaid card holder that my mom bought me from a boutique in Kailua, Hawaii (where we are from). I always make it a point to keep a few business cards on me. You never know who you may meet!

What do you keep in your bag? Any products that’s not here that should be in my bag?



5 responses to “What’s in my bag?

  1. Love your post!!! So glad you did it too. Loving your wallet and so glad I’m not the only one who repurposes the ipsy bag! Thanks for tagging me girlfrannn

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