DIY Scrub for Perfect Skin

Hello there!

I have been horrible at keeping up this blog but once again I am going to attempt to put more effort into this baby. Speaking of effort, I have been putting a lot more effort into my skin care regimen. I have added a few new products to my bathroom counter and I am loving them (I will be putting up a review of those soon). I have also been adding more homemade scrubs to my regimen. This particular scrub is my absolute favorite and can be used on your body and face… It can also used as a body wrap.

Move over Frank Body, Hannah’s coffee scrub is in town 😉


Ingredients & Directions:

-1/4C Organic Coconut Oil

-A few drops of Vanilla Aromatherapy Oil

-1/4C Coffee

-1/4C Sugar

Mix all ingredients together in a tupperware or mason jar and you’re done! Easy peasy, right? I recommend jumping in the shower when you use this scrub for easy clean up. Just take some of the scrub, maybe about a tablespoon size, and scrub anywhere on your body that needs a little TLC. If you want to use this as a wrap… scrub your arms, legs, stomach (butt if you’d like), and instead of rinsing it off right away, wrap your this body parts with saran wrap and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then rinse! 🙂

IMG_8231 IMG_8232 IMG_8233 IMG_8234

Why I chose these ingredients?

Coconut Oil:

-Moisturizing; combat itchiness and flaking.

-Healing: Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is anti-viral and also anti-fungal. (The lauric acid dissolves the fatty outer membranes of microbes).


-Anti-inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory properties in caffeine make it ideal for reducing inflammation and redness in your skin.

-Caffeine can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. In a 2008 study performed at the University of São Paulo, researchers found that an application of skin cream containing caffeine to cellulite reduced the size of cellulite fat cells by 17 percent.

Vanilla Aromatherapy Oil:

-Calming, respitory, and aphrodisiacal effects:

Hope you enjoyed this post. Happy scrubbing!



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