Picking A Makeup Artist for your Wedding

Your wedding will be one of the most cherished memories you make. Along with all the amazing memories, unfortunately you’ll also have to deal with all the chaos of planning this special occasion. If you can fit it into your budget I’d recommend hiring as many professionals as possible to help plan your day.
You will be getting your picture taken, maybe even video, and you want to look your absolute best. So if I can recommend only one professional… Pick a Makeup Artist! If you have a good MUA you will enjoy your experience. She, or he, should make sure you feel relaxed and beautiful. Looking and feeling beautiful can change your whole mood.

There are a few things to do when looking for a MUA:
-Make sure you do your research… Check out a few artists, have them do consultations on you.
-Check out their portfolio & reviews. Make sure their style of makeup is what you want.
-Compare prices. Cheaper isn’t always better in this case. If a MUA is using professional products they will most likely be charging a little more for makeup applications. You probably don’t want to be hiring your cousin’s friend that lives down the road and charges only $20 for makeup. Your makeup will probably end up looking like it’s worth only $20 when it’s done.
-Make sure your MUA has done makeup for photoshoots or TV. Sometimes they’ll advertise themselves as a Media Makeup Artist. This is important because makeup looks completely different on film or photos vs. real life.
-Last, but not least, make sure you feel comfortable with your MUA. This is a high stress day, your MUA will be spending at least an hour all up in your bubble, you want to be able to relax around her/him.

Here are a few of my bridal clients:







If you would like to hire my team and I to glam you up on your special day please contact me through http://www.HannahLebron.com

Hannah ❤️

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