Kiss lashes from Jadore Vox Box


Watch me apply my Kiss false lashes here:

I received the Jadore VoxBox complimentary from My favorite item from the box is the Kiss lashes. I receive the “Flirty” set and they are very flexible, natural looking, and very easy to apply since they come with an adhesive strip already attached to the lash.

These instructions to apply them come straight from the Kiss product page on

KISS introduces a new brand of lashes. Made with a revolutionary technology that creates tapered ends, KISS Looks So Natural lashes blend seamlessly with natural lashes. Significantly lighter in weight than traditional lashes, the wearer can barely feel them on; 97% of women who wore these lashes felt the difference! These feathery, soft lashes are available in various styles, from natural to dramatic looks.

How to Apply:

Check fit of lash to your natural lash line; trim if needed.
Apply KISS adhesive to lash line; wait 30 seconds for glue to become tacky before applying for better adhesion.
Use the applicator to apply lashes along natural lash line and hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely.
KISS Looks So Natural lashes are available for $3.99 at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart stores nationwide. For more information and how-to videos, visit

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