Taking Stock | February ’14

I found this post on www.aprettypennyblog.com. Her blog is super cute! Check it out sometime! 🙂

Making : A name for myself. 
Cooking : Stuffed bell peppers. It’s a new recipe and I can’t wait to taste it. 
Drinking : H2o, yo!
Reading: Makeup Artist Mag
Wanting: This headache to go away!
Looking: forward to see what San Diego has to offer my career. 
Playing: with my pup.
Wasting: Electricity. Currently almost every light on my first 2 floors are on. 
Wishing: My husband didn’t have to deploy anymore. Lame!
Enjoying: Watching my dog chase his tail. 
Waiting: for a girlfriend to come over for dinner. Hence the stuffed bell peppers 🙂
Liking: The unexpected rain. 
Wondering: How long it will take me to put up the rest of our art and photos on the empty walls. 
Loving: All my picture editing apps. Makes small advertising on social media so much fun. 
Hoping: the few heavy decisions I have to make will be easy. 
Marvelling: at how I wrangled such a amazing husband. 
Needing: more energy!
Smelling: Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood Candle. MY FAVE! 
Wearing: Yoga pants and a VS off the shoulder top. 
Noticing: I need to update the blog more often. 
Knowing: iI’m a weirdo and no one will probably read this post lol. 
Thinking: What I have to do today.
Bookmarking: A Paint & Wine studio. Ready to get my drink and paint on. 
Opening: another tab. 
Giggling: A episode of Golden Girls playing in the background. 

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