Bombshell Bath Company Amazingness!


I’ve been breaking out quite a bit recently (I’m guessing it might have been the stress from the move). The face wash I was using was not clearing my skin up quick enough and now this is my new go-to face wash! I see significant progress with my skin and it’s only been a little over a week. My little breakouts have cleared up and some of the larger breakouts are drying up and are almost completely gone. You can’t go wrong with products that are affordable, natural, and really WORK!

All of their soaps are made with goat milk rather than water or other chemicals. Each soap has different ingredients depending on the scent and what the soap is treating; tea tree, mint, lemongrass, etc. There’s soaps that treat acne (obviously… Haha), made for babies, sensitive skin and more. I was fortunate enough to receive a few soaps from Rebecca (one of the two owners) & I love every single one. I have one more soap left to try (the sensitive/baby bar) but could not wait until I finished it to share these products with you all.

Check out Bombshell Bath Company and get your soaps today at:

Side note: I used it twice a day (morning and night) and twice a week with my Clarisonic. My skin is normal to dry and this soap does dry it out a little so I make sure to moisturize after using it.

Hope you pick up a couple bars and experience the amazingness!

Hannah Lebron

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