Maybelline Clean Express! Eye Makeup Remover Review


Hello there beauties!

I usually use Pre Cleanse by Dermalogica to remove any stubborn makeup but I’m starting to run out and figured I’d try something new.
I purchased Maybelline Clean Express! Makeup Remover at Ulta for $5.99. It comes in a 4.0 fl oz bottle, pink and is unscented. It says it’s oil-free, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, and there’s no need for harsh rubbing.
It’s a dual-phased product so you must shake well before using it. The first phase is supposed to dissolve your waterproof eye makeup and the second phase supposed to wash the eye clean.

The photo above is a before and after using Maybelline Clean Express to remove my eye makeup.
I’ve used this eye remover for about 5 days now & have found that:
-It does not leave a greasy feeling. It feels greasy at first but it goes away fairly quick.
-It removed pretty much all my makeup. I had eyeshadow, glitter glue, glitter and eyelash glue on my eyes. I used 2 cottons rounds with about a a dime-sized amount to remove all that makeup.
-The skin around your eyes are very sensitive and can lose elasticity very easily so the fact that I didn’t have to rub my eyes very hard to get the eye makeup off made me very happy.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product and have found a new favorite!

What’s your favorite eye makeup remover?

Hannah Lebron

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