Everyone needs a little color in their life!


I absolutely love blue eyeliner! Blue liner is perfect for almost every eye color, especially brown eyes. You can do a winged line, smudgie line, or just straight on the water line for a little pop of color. You can even use it as a base for your eyeshadow.

ImageI recently (maybe a month or two ago) discovered NYX’s Gel Liners and as soon as I saw the swatch for “Samantha-Cobalt Blue” I was in LOVE! It’s the perfect hue of blue and the quality of the liner is amazing. It goes on very smoothly and the intensity can be built with multiple applications. I used it as a winged liner (as seen in the photo below) and i’ve tested it on my waterline. It didn’t irritate my eyes and it didn’t smudge at all.


You can purchase NYX Gel Eyeliner at Ulta.com for $7.99. They come in 5 different colors; Jet Black, Chocolate, Teal, Cobalt Blue and Dark Brown.

Do you stray from the normal black or brown eyeliner?



5 responses to “Everyone needs a little color in their life!

  1. I was actually looking at the NYX gel eyeliner yesterday but I was kind of iffy on it as I thought it may melt away fast especially in this humid weather we’ve been having in Toronto but it looks so nice on you I may have to go back. Did you find that it stayed on long?

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