Brow Maintenance & Routine


I have probably one of the funniest eyebrow stories ever. When I was in 8th grade I decided I wanted to tweeze my eyebrows. I didn’t know exactly how to go about doing it so I took Nair (a hair removal cream from the drugstore) and went to town on my brows. I took off about half of my eyebrow. My mother, a cosmetologist, was so upset with me. She bought me a brow pencil and from then on I had to fill in my eyebrows. They never grew back the same. It was patchy & my hair is very thin so it looked horrible. When I turned 17 I was so tired of my eyebrows I decided to shave them off and just draw them on. Growing up in Hawaii I was always at the beach. I remember asking my friend, “Are my brows still there” whenever I got in the water. Lol! When I turned 18 my mom took me to tattoo my eyebrows. That was probably the best day of my life, beauty wise at lease. Haha.
When I started getting into makeup and went to Esthetics school I learned the correct way to measure your brows and how my brows should look to frame my face nicely. Since then I’ve been pretty obsessed with my eyebrows and my routine constantly changes when I discover new products. I still fill in my brows with powder every though they’re tattooed. It’s just how I like them to look.
My current routine asks for 4 items; MAC brow gel in Dark Brunette, Brow Zings by Benefit, a angled brush (mine is a travel sized brush by Sigma Beauty), and concealer (I use whatever concealer is at arms reach). I outline my brows with MAC’s brow gel and fill in the ends, then I fill in the rest of my brow with the Brow Zing powder, then to finish it up I put a little bit of concealer (close to my skin color) under my brow. Easy peazy 🙂
I absolutely love these products. I do want to focus more on the MAC brow gel since it’s the newest product I’ve started using.
-Cons: The only thing that I would have to say I don’t like about this product is that it’s not a permanent MAC product and Dark Brunette is the only color option they offer.
-Pros: It is very pigmented, it is long lasting, it water proof, creamy, and the container has enough product to last for a very long time.
Keep in mind, if you do pick this up you have to be very precise with the application.

To maintain my brows I wax them every couple weeks, when needed, and tweeze strays in between waxes. If you can afford it, I’d recommend seeing a professional to wax and shape your brows. The professional knows what to look for and how to shape a brow to frame your face nicely. If you don’t want to spend money on seeing a professional regularly you can opt to just going in to get them shaped and waxed once, then maintaining it yourself. You will see how your brow should be shaped and you can tweeze them yourself at home. I don’t recommend at home waxing kits, you can end up burning yourself or messing up & maybe taking too much hair off (then you’ll be in my 8th grade shoes and have messed up eyebrows lol). To read up on advantages to waxing check out my last post, Benefits of Waxing.

Thank you for reading & feel free to ask me any questions 🙂

Hannah ❤

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