DIY Jewelry Hanger

Look at my new necklace hanger!!! YAY!!! I absolutely love it.

I use a tall bird cage looking thing that I got from Ross to hang all my jewelry off of. I love it but my necklace collection has been growing and they all don’t fit on it anymore. This necklace hanger was pretty easy to do & I found all the supplies at Home Depot.

What you’ll need:

  • Wood pieces (The # depends on how much hangers you want to make)
  • Paint supplies & items you want to use to decorate your hanger -Paint, paintbrushes, stickers, etc. (I recommend spray paint or acrylic paint)
  • Hooks (I used Wall Biters)
  • Picture frame hanger kit (They come with wire, screws and hooks)
  • Drill

First, you’re going to nail the hooks into your wood piece. Place them however you want. I chose this pattern so the necklaces wouldn’t overlap each other.

Next, I set up the back of the frame to hang it on the wall.

Then this is the fun part… you’re going to decorate your boards!

(My dog hated this part! I had to put him in his crate so he wouldn’t ruin anything and he was crying the WHOLE time! lol)

Then you just let them dry, hang them up and your done!

Piece of cake 🙂


Hannah Lebron


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