DIY: Sugar Hand Scrub

Hello there friends! I’m back with another Do-it-yourself post! (I personally love these!)

I use my hands a ton! I clean, cook, garden, work, etc. My hands get pretty dry with all the chemicals I handle so lotions and scrubs are a must. I found this super easy, and affordable, recipe for a hand scrub that you can make all on your own. It actually works and makes my skin look & feel a million times better. Its also is a pretty pink color! Haha

So here you go….

You will need:

  • Measuring cup
  • Spoon
  • Jar (with lid)
  • Sugar
  • Dawn® Hand Renewal with Olay® beauty dishwashing liquid


1.Gather your ingredients.

2. Take about 1/2 cup of sugar & put it into your jar. You can change up the measurements if you want. This scrub will last a long time so you make want to make just a small amount at a time (You still need dish soap to ways your dishes lol).

3. Take 1/2 a cup of Dawn® Hand Renewal with Olay® beauty dishwashing liquid & add it to the sugar in your jar.

4. MIX!

5. Use about a dime size amount of scrub and scrub your hands for about a minute & rinse.


Make sure to close the jar tightly. There’s no need for refrigeration or anything. I leave mine in the kitchen, on the counter next to my sink (for easy access).

Hope you all enjoyed this post!


Happy hands,

Hannah Lebron

4 responses to “DIY: Sugar Hand Scrub

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  2. My friend’s mother made this all the time when we were kids. I found a link to your blog on Pinterest and immediately had to drop everything to make this myself. Even though I was familiar with the recipe from childhood I linked back to your blog in the post simply because without reading this I’m not sure I would have ever remembered this.

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