Garden Update!

Hey friends!

I posted a DIY Planter Pot post a couple weeks ago. If you want to check it out click HERE!

The seeds I planted are growing very nicely. I planted green beans, scallions, and zucchini. I also bought  tomato, basil and rosemary plants. I water them twice a day and I opted to not use any plant food.

Here’s some picture of their progress:


Basil flowers. It’s very hard to find fresh herbs in Guam so why not grow them myself! Well, the places I shop are always out of herbs I need. The other night I cooked up some mushroom garlic spaghetti and threw in some basil… It was delish!


These are Scallions, Zucchini, and Green Beans. My husband loves Zuchinni & I love Green Beans. I can’t wait to try them!


My Basil & Rosemary plants. Rosemary is delicious on roasted potatoes.


This is Geoffery Goldsmith. His cousin is Jonathan Goldsmith, the Dos Equis man a.k.a the most interesting man in the world. Haha! He makes sure the bugs and cats stay away from my plants 🙂


The flowers on my grape tomato plant. Soon there’ll be little tomatoes! 🙂

I tried to grow some herbs a while ago and they died. I thought it was because the weather here in Guam. I guess I proved myself wrong. Hehe.

Happy Gardening,

Hannah Lebron

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