Weekend Vacation to Japan!

One of the benefits of being a Navy wife is visiting your husband at their ports. I didn’t get to go to the last couple ports so I made sure i’d be able to go when they pulled into Japan. The base they pulled in to was in Sasebo. Its a 18 hour train ride South from Tokyo. This part of Japan was very beautiful and seemed to be more traditional than Tokyo.

I traveled with a couple friends who’s husbands are also attached to the same submarine my husband is on. They were great travel buddies.

After out 4 hour plane ride and 2 hour bus ride we finally arrived at the hotel. We were worn out. We picked up some food and hung out in our rooms watching Revenge & Storage Wars. Good times.

The worst part about meeting your sailor when they pull in is going to the pier and waiting for them to get off the boat. We waited there for about 6 hours.

This is what happens when you’re hungry, tired & have to wait in the cold for 6 hours to see your sailor. Hehe

I got a few surprises when Eddy finally was set free from “jail”. One, he finally got approved for leave & we will be going home (Hawaii & California) to see our family after not seeing them for years. Two, he didn’t have to go in for duty the whole time they were in Japan. And Three, they were staying in a Japan a day longer (I appreciate any extra time with my man, no matter how long, or short, it is).

The next three days were awesome! I finally got to enjoy some Starbucks (there is none in Guam), I ate delicious Japanese food (the sushi was amazing), seen some awesome sights, used a japanese toilet, and more!

My first trip out of the country was a success. I’m also glad I got to share this experience with my amazing husband.

Have a great day kiddos!

Domo Arigatou,

Hannah Lebron

2 responses to “Weekend Vacation to Japan!

  1. Woo hoo! I love Japan and the rain and falling asleep on the metal picnic tables!! 😉 wouldn’t have wanted to travel with any other ladies.

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