DIY Planter Pots

Hello lovelies!

The other night I had some of my friends over for dinner. I cooked up some corn chowder & had a few cans left over. Instead of throwing them out I wanted to make use of them. I just bought a ton of acrylic paint & had some left over vegetable seeds so I thought decorating my own plater pot would be the cutest thing ever!

Its fairly simple & a ton of fun!

You’ll need:

  • tall cans
  • acrylic paint
  • newspaper or old magazines
  • paint brushes
  • potting soil
  • electric drill
  • seeds
  • small shovel

How I did it:

I took three empty corn cans, of course you can use whatever cans you have left over. I suggest using taller cans. I pulled of the labels & rinsed them out.


I took my acrylic paint & went at it. I didn’t have the slightest idea of how I wanted to decorate them so I just let my creativity shine. However, for some of you that are perfectionists, you may want to brainstorm some ideas first.


After they dried completely I took my power drill & drilled some holes at the bottom. I drilled enough holes for the water to run through. Don’t make the holes too large then the soil will come out when you’re filling the can up.

Warning: Please be careful with power drills. If you don’t know how to use it PLEASE have someone, prefferably somene who knows what they’re doing, to help you. 


Set up your soil, gloves if needed, shovel and seeds. Fill up your cans leaving about a inch from the top empty. Check the back of your package of seeds and see how far down the seeds need to be planted & pop them in the soil.

Put your new pretty little pots either outside or near a window so they can get some sun, water them a bit, & you’re done.

Hope you all enjoyed this little DIY post.

Happy gardening, 

Hannah Lebron

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